DELF 2020 & FutureNow


      DELF 2020 is one of Cyberport’s biggest e-sports event of the year. This year, FutureNow is honoured to be one of the sponsors and collaborate with some of our talented influencer recruitments for the DELF event. We are also happy to announce that we will continue our collaboration with DELF and bring you more exciting content from e-sports experts!  


      Stay tuned as Derek Cheung, the founder and CEO of Hong Kong E-sport (HKES), named to Forbes 30-under-30 known, also known as The Hong Kong Father of E-sport. Ryan Chow, the co-founder and CEO of Asia’s largest esports stadium, Cyber Games Arena (CGA) and chairman of Esports Association Hong Kong. Jordan Cheng, founder and CEO of Mad Gaze, also known as The Father of Smart Glass in Hong Kong. They will share their insights and experiences as futurists, a chance for you to learn about the e-sports world from industry luminaries.

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