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多謝我們的企業客戶AIA Group Regent Family 高層們光臨數碼港參與我們創科夢之旅,齊用知識創造未來! 非常開心看到你們的笑容!







FutureNow可以在知識經濟時代,協助大家如何做好知識管理,讓企業內部的知識與經驗得到充分的共享,盡少重複發明輪子,透過碎片化時間學習,提高企業效率,建立個人形象,增加企業競爭力,是新一代企業所要解決的核心問題,也是在充分競爭環境下企業獲得發展的關鍵保障。最後FutureNow送俾大家一句 “Less is More, 用3分鐘時間, Zero to Hero!”

AIA Regent Family Cyberport 數碼港 AIA Hong Kong AIA #知識網紅 #Futurist


A big thank you to our corporate client, AIA Group Regent Family executives, for participating in our “Journey of Innovation and Technology” in Cyberport and co-create our future with knowledge! It’s our pleasure to witness the similes of every one of you!

We want to take this opportunity to share with you the importance of corporate knowledge inheritance! Knowledge management allows knowledge and experience to be passed on between two employees. It is necessary to comprehensively consider four points of knowledge inheritance: knowledge production, knowledge dissemination, knowledge absorption, and knowledge application.


We often hear voices like:

1. Our company actively implements knowledge management, deployed a knowledge base system, and organized documents online, but it seems useless. The problem occurs in the process of knowledge dissemination. It is futile because knowledge dissemination hasn’t been implemented in a sound and effective way.

2. Similar approach to knowledge management appeared three years ago; however, relevant information wasn’t found. The problem lies in insufficient knowledge production at work.

All four points must be implemented coherently and precisely to drive effective enterprise knowledge management. In this way, knowledge can form “living water”, and knowledge management can promote enterprise development.


In the era of the knowledge economy, FutureNow’s role to assists in knowledge management, so practical knowledge and experience sharing is possible, and the process is reinvented as minimally as possible. Through a fragmented learning timeframe, it increases the efficiency of corporations, reinforcing personal image and increases enterprise competitiveness. These are the core problems that new generation enterprises must solve, and it is also a fundamental guarantee for the development of enterprises in a fully competitive environment.

Last but not least, FutureNow would like to send you a message “Less is More, Zero to Hero in 3 minutes!”

AIA Regent Family Cyberport Hong Kong AIA Hong Kong AIA #knowledgeinfluencer #Futurist


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